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Frontiers Radio is a podcast for psychotherapists who value deep learning and individualized development that translates to better results with the people you aspire to improve.
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Aug 26, 2022

As psychotherapists, it's easy to get lost in our heads. Our pet theories end up dominating and preventing us from being in touch with the person in front of us.

In this Therapy Tip of the Week, I'd talk about how psychotherapists can employ principles of embodied cognition—the idea of embodiment as a way of...

Aug 12, 2022

Understanding the current season you are in helps you figure out where you are at, in order to know where you need to go. Appreciating the seasonality of your inner and outer life provides you a navigational guide as to where you need to nurture your nature. In this video, I provide a way to open a...

Aug 12, 2022

In this series on Therapy Tip of the Week, we'll provide psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists one practical tip in each episode.
My idea of giving you this is not so much as to prescribe to you what you should be doing, but to describe possibilities, to give you ideas that can inspire you to create your own...