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Frontiers Radio is a podcast for psychotherapists who value deep learning and individualized development that translates to better results with the people you aspire to improve.
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Oct 7, 2021

In this exclusive episode #10 on Frontiers Radio, we have a special guest, Dr. Scott Miller. We talked about several luminary figures who shaped and influenced his life, pivotal turning points, the writing process and his thoughts around the future of psychotherapy.


Time Stamps

Intro (00:00)

People who shaped Scott's life (05:30)

Lynn Johnson and Hal Miller (07:11)

Michael Lambert (15:36)

On Writing (18:24)

Impact of changing track from accounting to psychology (21:15)

Pivotal Turning Points (24:50)

Why Scott Wrote Book of A Mormon (29:39)

Mark Hubble (42:O0)

The Losing Faith Article (44:19)

Scott Miller's evolution (48:39)

The Moving Bubble (52:52)

Measurement (54:12)

K Anders Ericcson (56:21)

Bruce Wampold (62:53)

The Bubble Redux: Going Forward in the Application of Deliberate Practice (65:35)

Taxonomy of Deliberate Practice Activities (TDPA) worksheets (72:31)

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