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Frontiers Radio is a podcast for psychotherapists who value deep learning and individualized development that translates to better results with the people you aspire to improve.
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Feb 12, 2020

"The actual path of a raindrop as it goes down the valley is unpredictable, but the general direction is inevitable."~ Kevin Kelly.

In this episode, I spell out 9 potential forces that will shape our future in the field of psychotherapy. If we are stay on the bleeding edge of not only our professional development, and also have an inkling where our field is going, you'd wanna tune to this episode.

Here are the 9 forces to pay attention to: 

1. "We will be wrong."

2. The Inflation of diagnosis

3. There will be new fads

4. The ethics of routine outcome monitoring (ROM)

5. Flesh and machine

6. Practice-based evidence

7. Accountability in professional development activities

8. A movement towards theoretical orientation?


9. YOU.


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