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Frontiers Radio is a podcast for psychotherapists who value deep learning and individualized development that translates to better results with the people you aspire to improve.
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Mar 27, 2020

I found myself telling this story to me kids some nights ago. I believe it's worth retelling here, especially in the current anxious climate surrounding the coronavirus.

After the story, I say a few words about why we need to express our heartfelt thanks to people behind the scenes in our healthcare.

Plus, why we must...

Mar 18, 2020

"I spent half of my life lost in an education system that pushed for results and performance... and failed.. Even when I Began to perform well in undergrad and so on, I wasn't learning; I was performing."

In today's episode, we draw a distinction between "performing" and "learning," and what we can do to become deep...

Mar 3, 2020

No manufacturing company in the US and UK was initially willing to license his vacuum cleaner. 

James Dyson was laughed at for designing a transparent vacuum cleaner that showed all the filth it sucked up. 

Today, Dyson the company returns over $500 million in annual profits and employs nearly seven thousand people...