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Sep 16, 2022

"Every impactful person brings to you themselves and not needing to proof ‘how impactful I am’, ‘how smart I am’, and ‘how needed I am.’" ~ Sr Joan Chittister.

If the therapy room is a vessel, it needs a scaffold in order for you to create a healing environment so as to help the person who is in distress.

But how do you structure a therapeutic session so that it is impactful for your client and not get caught up with trying to be “impactful…smart…needed”?

I want to help you solve this particular issue: How to develop a sense of structure in how you conduct therapy sessions.


1. To read this article, go to 
2. Charles Eisenstein (see his Substack newsletter and his books, Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World That Our Hearts Know).
3. Cultures of Healing by Robert Fancher
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