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Aug 26, 2022

As psychotherapists, it's easy to get lost in our heads. Our pet theories end up dominating and preventing us from being in touch with the person in front of us.

In this Therapy Tip of the Week, I'd talk about how psychotherapists can employ principles of embodied cognition—the idea of embodiment as a way of thinking—to help you deepen your empathic understanding of your clients, especially in stuck situations.

⏳ Time Stamps:
1. Intro (00:00)
2. What is embodied cognition? A clinical example (00:42)
3. Personal story (04:59)
4. Related resources on embodied cognition (06:31)

Note: Any personally identifiable information in clinical examples used are changed, in order to protect their confidentiality and privacy.

📕 Resources:
1. Focusing by Eugene Gendlin:
2. The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul

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